Thanks for shopping with us. By placing an order on you accept our refund policy conditions, so please read below before make an order.

Be aware that you will have to pay for your own shipping costs on returned items.

If you wish to make a claim for a defective product, you have to do that within 2 days of receiving your order, by writing us an email at If you don’t place a complaint within this term, we reserve the right to refuse any kind of refund or parts replacement. If you don’t have time to test the product upon arrival, claims for defective products will not be accepted. Please consider this and don’t place an order if you are not in agree with these terms.

When you make a claim for a defective product, please send us images or videos to show clearly what the problem is. If the evidence you send is not exhaustive we may ask for specific images or videos before processing your claim.

We reserves the right to request that you return the product for inspection, as per PayPal’s terms of services. If we choose to exercise this right, replacement parts will not be sent and refunds will not be issued until the defective product has been received for proper inspection. Upon receiving the defective product, we will contact you in 2 days with a proposed solution.

We have no responsibilities related to delays or issues with shipping services. If you receive a parcel that is visibly damaged, opened, or showing that it may have been opened, you are expected to open the parcel in front of the delivery person to verify the content. By signing for a damaged box without inspecting the content, we may not be able to compensate you. If damaged or missing items, simply don’t sign for the parcel and contact us right away with a full report of what was damaged or missing.

We will not refund you if it is determined that parts are damaged intentionally in order to facilitate the refund claims. Our frames are only eligible for a refund if they are assembled as they were designed to be assembled. We reserve the right to determine what is the best way to assemble our frames.

We don’t accept any responsibilities resulting from the use of any of our product.

This policy is effective as of 19 July 2020.