CITRO is a new brand think up by Frank Citro.  We have embraced his amazing experience from years as a FPV freestyle pilot and relied in his constant research and development in this sector. We are proud for the quality and precision in details of our products, which any pilot trust and recognise.

Frank citro
Engineering & design director / Founder

Frank Citro, Software Engineer as a profession, is a famous Italian pilot with several years experience in FPV drones. He is one of the legends of FPV freestyle. He is known worldwide for his incredible skills and his unique style of flying. Frank is in continuous research and development on his skills and his setup. Citro brand is created to share his work and make a valuable contribution to the FPV community. Frank is also passionate about cinematography. By mixing all of these abilities and the charisma that distinguishes him, he produces interesting and popular contents in his You Tube channel.

Serena Martinetti

Serena is an Italian Software Engineer, recently moved to Australia. With FPV drones she discovered her addiction for electronics and RC models. She loves soldering and building her own setup and make things right to be able to fly with her quads in FPV. Because her passion for quality and well-made things, she trusts and follows the Citro project from the beginning. Serena is enthusiastic and determined, she also has good organisational and managerial qualities. She is Frank’s right-hand man.